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January 2023

Webmaster's note:

There is currently no planning underway for a Happening event going forward.Due to the extended lapse in this event actually "Happening", it is doubtful if it, or a substitute event, will take place in the future. At least for now, I am renewing the domain address to keep it available in the future.

I felt this notice should be posted as there is still a significant amount of traffic here where this may be of interest.

- Webmaster Bill


Stray note for those of you who are local to Gowanda: In addition to being the webmaster, I here do also have an annual Open Mic Picnic at my home each year. For 2023, the date for that has moved to June 3, which is the old 'Happening' weekend. If you'd like to join us for a different kind of music event that weekend, ask for an invite or join my "Gowanda - Party At Bill's" group on Facebook.

-Bill  e-mail :

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