GrimCo Stunt Show

A featured event of the 2019 Happening is the Grim Company Stunt Show. GrimCo, sponsored by Gowanda Harley-Davidson, will be performing Saturday & Sunday shows during 2019 Happening weekend on June 1st and 2nd.


Grim Company is the premier Harley-Davidson motorcycle stunt team in the Northeast.
Specializing in Big Twin stunts including wheelies, burnouts and other technical demonstrations,
Grim Company is one of the most sought-after stunt teams in the eastern U.S.

The Team: [w/instagram links]

Nick Reynolds (@nicholasjreynolds)
Tony Eisenhauer (@tonytoaster_)
Bill Preston (@billy_the__kidd)
Trevor Quayle (@thetquayle232)
Josh Olmstead (@olmy207)

Additional informatiion, photos and video can be found on their website:

[file photos from previous shows]