Thinking about Volunteering?

Great! Below you will fnd a little more information about what volunteering involves for the various areas involved.

  • Souveniers: Motorcycle raffle tickets as well as event t-shirts & related items are sold during The Happening. Volunteers at the souveneer tent also are a source for information about what's going on when throughout the weekend. If 'people skills' are your strong point, this may be good for you.
  • Parking: If you have been to a Happening event before, you should be have seen the people at work on the street directing motorcycles to designated parking spots. This is a traffic control position, helping visitors to Gowanda find parking spots. It is particularly important on opening Friday night parking the sudden influx of bike arriving from the Motorcycle Parade.
  • Sanitation: Primarily, this involves changing the bags in trash receptacles when needed and taking the bags of trash to the dumpster. Generally a vehicle is provided for this activity.
  • Registrations: During Happening weekend, the Tattoo Contest, the Ride-In Bike Show and other events may require the registration of participants. This simply involve assisting with registration activities and is another 'people skills' position.
  • Volunteer Security: This involves assisting the paid Security Personel with such things as checking IDs to ensure that underage persons are kept out of the alcohol containment area and that no alcoholic beverages leave that area.
  • Serving: Must be 21 or over. This involves collecting tokens and serving beverages in designated serving areas.